About us

Lokal Shirt is a platform for lokal designs. We launched the idea in 2016 after living abroad in Eastern Europe for a few years. Eastern European City Centers are dominated by big companies and franchise chains and an overload of Malls with the same portfolio of stores. But there is also plenty of little independent clothing labels popping up everywhere. After returning to Germany we realised that even here you mostly get the same stuff everywhere. There is no place, where you can only get niche, independent and upcoming labels. And don´t take the word niche wrong here. It doesn´t mean that some of these labels don´t have a reach or are not known beyond the borders of their home city/country. But it was clear to us that we want to give a home to stuff, which is not mainstream at all. Therefore you will not find big global brands in our offer. We are hand selecting all of the lokal labels, which we offer in our store. If you have any suggestions for brands which should be part of our offer, just send us an e-mail (me@lokalshirt.com) or DM us on Instagram.