The new normal

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2020 was a challenging year in which the phrase the new normal was born. It is related to the phenomenon of the new reality due to the global pandemic caused by COVID-19 aka the Corona Virus. It was tough for everyone, when you are suddenly not allowed to live your live anymore in the way you were used to. No more partying or meeting friends. Working from home or doing home schooling. This all became the new norm in 2020. The design of the new normal is referring to this new norm with a little twist by mirroring the word normal to indicate the abnormality of this new normality. Let´s all hope that we can return back to a regular kind of normal in 2021. A few things are allowed to stay like more flexible ways of working and a higher share of home office. But from a social perspective all the Hugs, kisses etc. will be appreciated in an unprecedented manner, once they will be allowed again. Looking very much forward to this.

The Shirt and the Poster can be found in the Nürnberg section: here

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